Материалы: Бронза, камень, смешанная техника
155 sm x 92 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 000584
1 280 000 / 12 800 €
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About the Artist

"Art in the source of its existence rests in silence, variability and urge. At the point of its inception, it relates to the higher forms of sincerity. In this sense, the creation of a symbol explores the creative process itself, creating a space key. Choosing art as an occupation becomes a spiritual practice. The movement happens from consequence to cause, the material melts under the friction of the emery. The very work of art is a unique form of confessional condition of the author. In the material world, in this state, the artist occupies the position between the circus and the monastery, which is an extracurricular and magical position. The artwork itself is not positioned as the truth, but the purity of the things and notions that it symbolizes is indisputable. The desire to be alone with the art is similar to the lust of occuring all alone in the forest or in the desert, when the author is dissolved and can only feel the intitial complicity in himself. The creation of a symbol, in which the shape, the material and the color interact leads to the penetratiion into the deep layers of culture and matter. The nature of the connection of everything with everything is revealed out of the unconscious, sincere games of the dissident."

Denis Patrakeev