Venus 2

Materials: fireclay, oxides, glazes, watercolor, wire
21 sm x 9 sm x 9 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 018806
13 000 / 130 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

An appeal to the image of the Paleolithic Venus is a fantasy about antiquity, in which the archetypal symbol of fertility is combined with the world of extinct dinosaurs. For a modern person, this is an echo of some ancient myth about how the world is born from rough generalized forms,

Paleolithic Venus holds a dinosaur from the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Primitive and brutal, these images suddenly appear to belong to a common reality, as if they could exist simultaneously in the depths of primitive consciousness, as a symbol of the beginning of life.

Anna Kunyaeva is a sculptor, works with ceramics and stone. Her main interests are animalistic genre and primitive art. Animals occupy a special place in her art, because they belong to a more authentic and accepting world where there is spontaneity and direct self-expression. The sculptures of animals have a generalized form and a rich relief which makes them look like old rocks. With collapsing textures, the author shows the flow of time, as if the objects were found in excavations and belong to the distant past.

Anna started making ceramics in 2018 while studying at the Higher School of Environmental Design at the Moscow Architectural Institute. She actively participates in exhibitions and art fairs, and in 2023 joined the sculpture section of the Moscow Union of Artists. She collaborates with the Moscow Zoo and is the administrator of the Animal Artists Club.