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100 sm x 57 sm x 40 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 001329
3 325 000 / 35 000 $
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About the Artist

Nikolay Silis - Soviet and Russian artist, sculptor-muralist, avant-garde artist. Honored Artist of Russia. Known as a member of the LeSS creative team (Lemport - Siddur - Silis) 1949-1968. He created his own style of abstract image of female beauty.

Individual style in sculpture was formed in the late 1950s - early 1960s. As V. Lemport recalled, for about seven years Silis helped him and Sidur without revealing his creative face. “And then one day, somewhere in the sixtieth, returning after a month's absence, Sidur and I saw a new statue made of wood in full human size. It became clear to us that Silis ... dropped the chains of slavery, and now we have to reckon with his full creative face.

The key figure in his art was a woman whose sculptor's image reflects abstractly, formalistically in ceramics, wood, chamotte, bronze, and graphics.

In the early 1960s, a number of his works were accepted for replication in ceramics, including Squeezing Hair. But “Youth” and “Girl with a skipping rope” were not approved by the artistic council due to “formalism”.

Table sculptures “Girl on the Ball”, “Skaters”, “Woman on the Beach” in the 1960s were replicated in plastic. The poet N.K. Starshinov described Skaters as follows: “The sculptor did not sculpt any specific athletes when it was necessary to show their clothes, physique or even facial features. It was important for him to convey their desire for victory, their speed, their energy, flight. And he achieved this! .. ” Later, a number of early works N. Silis translated into bronze.