Joseph Grahame

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About the artist

Joseph Grahame (b.1995) is a British artist. He graduated from Leeds College of Art (Leeds Arts University) in 2013, Goldsmiths, University of London in 2014 and The University of Leeds in 2017.

Joseph Grahame explores process-led abstraction through experimentation with non-traditional materials. His paintings are meditations on improvisation, process, sustainability and assemblage. The notion of using discarded and somewhat less conventional materials is very much key to the development of the works, while also drawing upon the history of painting as a pristine, untouchable and perfect object. The paintings favour mistakes and human error, which is referenced in the application of painting - by which improvisation is employed to build composition. The artist has been exploring the notion of mindful consumption within an art practice context and the reuse of materials. He feels it is important to repurpose discarded objects and create art with sustainable materials. The body of work contemplates on how out of chance and artist’s improvised actions a new composition and meaning can take shape.

Grahame has exhibited extensively over the past few years, both in the UK and internationally. His work is held in private collections in Italy, the UK, the USA and Mexico.



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