Roman Tverdohlebov

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About the artist
Creativity and exhibitions
Born in 1987 in Moscow.
Graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts (Department of Sculpture) and the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (workshop of Professor Pereyaslavets M.V.)

Roma Tverdokhlebov works in Raku technique.
His works are similar both to ancient artifacts and to items that could be found already in post-apocalyptic times.

Life, traditions, religion, rituals, monuments, idols, architecture, art reflect the cyclical nature of the stages in the development of civilization and lead us again and again to the origins after global wars or natural disasters, rolling back so that we try again. All this suggests that people always remain themselves, regardless of any danger or strong changes in the world around them and carry both sides of consciousness: aggressive-destructive and cultural-ethical.

Solo exhibitions:
"Museum of Post-Apocalyptic Archeology" Cube.Moscow
Group exhibitions:
Miro - Tverdokhlebov - Vasiliev / Cube.Moscow
"Reinforcement of Meaning" Gorky Park Museum in collaboration with Cube.Moscow
"Selection Art Show" Touchon&Co Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
"Come Home" Institute of Russian Realistic Art
"Bestiary" Darwin Museum
Project technical director:
Nikolai Koshelev - "The Moon Pool. Archive", Tretyakov Gallery in collaboration with the Triumph Gallery


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