Artemisia II

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Materials: tempera, sepia, paper
180 см x 110 см
Category: drawing
Item Number: 001282
2 511 342 / 30 000 €
About the Artist

The entire creative career of Alexei Morozov is devoted to the consistent creation of a huge art universe, rethinking the Greco-Roman classical heritage in the context of modernity. Based on the works of antiquity, especially Hellenism, and giving them a futuristic sound, the author developed his own recognizable artistic language in which classics and provocation fused, beautiful and frightening, the world of technology and the world of corporality, ancient iconography and a radical modern semantic context.Morozov's works are equally rooted in the present and past. Alexey Morozov's works were exhibited at numerous international contemporary art fairs, as well as at Sotheby’s auction. The artist’s works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), in corporate private collections.