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Материалы: Бумага, тушь
44 sm x 32 sm
Category: drawing
Item Number: 014316
150 000 / 1 500 €
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About the Artist

Evgeny Granilshchikov (1985) is a Russian artist and independent filmmaker. He studied literature and animation at the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia in Moscow and i s a key figure i n the new critical generation of young Muscovite artists.

He works range from short three minutes videos shot on a mobile phone to a film and video installation project t hat i s constantly being update hence potentially endless.

In his search to find a new cinematic eye, he intuitively questions and redefines what a film is and how different cinematic situations can coexist. This becomes apparent in his sophisticated use of images. Smartphone recordings go hand in hand with high resolution registrations, and direct recordings are interspersed with re-enactments. Granilshchikov’s works are often auto-biographical with a complex narrative that also functions as self-referential to the medium of film and the story itself adding depth to his very particular use of cinematic imageries.

Lives and works i n St. Petersburg.