From the Synopticon series

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Материалы: акриловая тушь, акварель, бумага
96 sm x 69 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 001223
127 500 / 1 500 €
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About the Artist

Sergey Lotsmanov studies problems of audience perception in his works. The context of his works requires a clear distinction between inspection and observation: for Lotsmanov, inspection implies the possibility of wordless communication and evaluation, the same feeling that is created when looking at objects, or at wild animals, or at stars in the night sky. Observation is closely connected with language and it is absolutely inseparable from it, since language helps to describe the subjectivity that surrounds us. The mode of describing the work is reduced to the simplified characteristics of things and spaces, however, Lotsmanov’s more important criterion and study tool is not time, but our own consciousness.

Sergey Lotsmanov was born in 1983 in Tartu. Graduated from Tallinn Academy of Fine Arts and ICA. Nominee for the STRABARG Art Award. In 2017, Sergey Lotsmanov entered the ranking of the top 100 recognized authors according to InArt. The artist's works are in collections: MMOMA, NCCA, Art Museum of Estonia, Gazprombank collection and other private collections.