Materials: pigments on paper
32 sm x 25 sm
Category: drawing
Item Number: 003256
76 000 / 760 €
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About the Artist

Oreste Casalini is an Italian artist whose creative work is situated at the junction of two mediums: painting and sculpture. His easel work goes beyond the range of conventions of the picturesque canvas, breaking into three-dimensional space. Oreste inherits the traditions and experience of lyrical abstractionism, subconsciously referring to the work of the main "painter of black," Pierre Sulage.

According to Paolo Aita, Oreste Casalini’s creative work has much in common with romanticism. It is art that invites you on a journey, a path that everyone must walk independently. The viewer does not know what awaits him in the end, they are guided by a pure desire for discovery and knowledge of life and its beauty. Oreste’s sculptures and canvases are a submergence into meditation, a labyrinth. Collision with the vitality of life and its beauty. In order to get to know this beauty, Oreste Casalini invites us to step from one space to another. We become hostages to the will of the artist, whose archaic artistic motifs seize and take away our consciousness, but also obey the power of art. Oreste always seeks to convey in his works the feeling of interacting with something “sacred”, stunning and majestic. That which R. M. Rilke compares to the gaze of an angel whose piercing look cannot be endured. And so Oreste’s interest is aimed at the comprehension of higher matter, devoid of anthropomorphic or symbolic images. Paolo Aita compares his creative pursuits with the art of Turner and van Gogh, quoting Andre Breton's novel Nadja: "Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all…”

In the artist’s portfolio you can find both works on canvas as well as installations, drawings on paper, collages and sculptures. On his account he also has listed a project for an urban space (Navigate the Time, Project for the Monumental Oak of Piazza XXIV Maggio, Milan, 2008). In his creative practice, Oreste experiments by combining traditional techniques and new media.

Oreste Casalini's works are part of many public and private collections in Rome, Milan, Naples, London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Seattle, Dublin, Dubai, Mumbai, Tokyo and Moscow.