Materials: cast iron, leather, feathers
110 см x 60 см x 40 см
Category: installation
Item Number: 003674
1 262 577 / 15 000 €
About the Artist

Paruyr Davtyan was born in 1976 in Leninakan (Gyumri, Armenia) in the family of painter. In 2010 he graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art. The artist is ranked as an analytical branch of Moscow conceptualism, although Paruir himself is in no hurry to talk about himself as a representative of a certain direction. The object of his work is the art itself, which he explores and rethinks. The artist's paintings refer to impressionism, mannerism and abstraction, leaving no way to give them an accurate definition. Hybrid and transitional forms appear in front of the viewer - foggy, but at the same time recognizable images.

Davtyan is a regular member of creative associations, where he works together with Yuri Albert, Viktor Skersis and Andrei Filippov. As part of the Cupid art group, Paruir is engaged in the creation of total installations, in the Edelweiss artel - performances, or more precisely, as the artist himself says - activities broken down into actions. And in the group «King of the Mountains» creates picturesque works.

Both in personal practices and as part of art groups, Paruir Davtyan plays the role of a researcher. Confronting, disputing and intertwined theories of art, the artist wonders what art is.