Работа оформлена в деревянную раму
Материалы: Фотография
150 sm x 100 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 017988
328 000 / 3 280 €
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About the Artist

Natali Do is an artist and photographer with a background in cinema, art, and fashion. She finds inspiration for her works in the events and phenomena happening inside and around her. Using the medium of photography as a method of introspection in an attempt to find and understand herself, she often dissolves in the space, colour, light, and people she captures. Her artistic experiments are often a juxtaposition of photography, painting and collage.

In these sensory experiments with form and image, Natali finds harmony, reuniting with nature. Traveling to Asia, in particular; to Cambodia, Thailand and Bali, she finds a starting point and a powerful source of inspiration for her work. However, her experiments are not tied to a single place, rather the main and only source of inspiration for her is her models - examples of the infinite energy, love and balance that can exist between nature and man.