Floral serenade_3

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Тираж 1/6
Материалы: цифровая печать
70 sm x 50 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 001216
50 000 / 500 €
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About the Artist

Artist and photographer from Lithuania, living in Moscow. Her work is directly related to the texture, color, shape, combination of materials and their interaction in a confined space, and all photo projects belong to the still life genre. In her work, Monica Dubinkaite prefers to combine organic with synthetic, artificially reproduced. A distinctive feature of the artist’s projects is the creation of art in the shot using only a few objects.

Monica Dubinkaite graduated from the Photo Department in St. Petersburg. She collaborates with brands and modern editions. Her work was presented at the International Festival of Contemporary Photography Presence in St. Petersburg. The artist also created the “Code map” project, which expands the boundaries of photography and erases the line between emotions and urban artifacts.