Forest Punch Card

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Тираж: 1/5
100 см x 150 см
Category: prints photography
Item Number: 000828
294 601 / 3 500 €
About the Artist

Fyodor Savintsev was born in Moscow, Russia in 1982. Education – journalist, political scientist. Fyodor started to engage photography while studying at a university. Initially Fyodor worked in news photography field - he made reportages for Associated Press, France Press etc. In 2006 Fyodor switched his interest to journals and magazines industry. As a freelance photographer, Fyodor carried out assignments for different world leading magazines, journals and newspapers and also works on his own photography projects.

In 2014 Fyodor launched his own print bureau Imateka that hugely supports Russian photographers and painters.

Fyodor’s works are represented by galleries and sold through modern art auctions and art fairs.