Materials: acrylic and wax crayons on canvas
90 sm x 71 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 001173
260 000 / 2 600 €
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About the Artist

The main motive of Dunya Zakharova's creativity is giving emotional coloring to abstract forms. Emotions of interest to the artist are diverse. This loneliness and suffering caused by extreme weather conditions, and, at the same time, tenderness and love. All these States of the human soul are dissected with the precision of a scientist-entomologist and decomposed into components.

All Dunya's works are distinguished by the thoroughness of work with the material, the purpose of which is the maximum expressiveness of the finished object. The images that eventually appear in the works seem like fantastic creatures from fairy tales, dreams or our unconscious fears. There seems to be some hidden threat in them, but the very placement of these creatures in the space of the exhibition "disinfects" them and turns them into safe objects for viewing.

In her work, the artist combines installation, sculpture, video, music, drawing, embroidery, painting and performance, addressing pagan roots, mental disorders, sexual perversions.