Kamano Umano. From the series "nemesta"

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Materials: acrylic on canvas, markers
94 sm x 34 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 003703
300 000 / 3 000 €
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About the Artist

Alexey Vasilyev

Born in 1980. In 2002 he graduated from the KSPU. K.E. Tsiolkovsky. He lives and works in Kaluga. I mainly write on paper and on canvas with acrylic paint. The material and color in my works are always subject to the need to convey a story or a personal metaphor figuratively. For installations, I often use other materials or paint the walls of the exhibition space, which become the plot continuation of my canvases and drawings.

As an anthropologist, documenting your feelings, visuality and text, combining and making them one and turning into very personal notes and sketches - sometimes real, sometimes imaginary. Paper, walls, concrete and other surfaces on which I draw are like pages of different scales and textures, and my exhibitions are diaries that have opened in public space. Each portrait has its own story - a collision with a real or fictional biography, an episode from the life of the character.