Materials: oil on canvas
70 sm x 50 sm
Category: painting new and trustworthy artists
Item Number: 011173
40 000 / 400 €
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About the Artist

I work in the expressionistic style combining abstract and figurative shapes in order to create a unique space for interaction and communication of forms and colors.

I do my research on the relationships between an individual and society or an individual and his/her personality. i try to detect and reflect on emotional processes which are born at deep subconscious levels as well as study the beginning and the end of personal boundaries that appear because of the illegitimate social contexts invasions. a big part of my practice is taken by the study of the phenomenon of depression in the socio-economic and political aspects and the impact of semiocapitalism on the everyday life and psychological state of a person. i work with many media, including digital ones such as modeling and visualization, but painting is the medium of my own experiment which helps me to ruin the authority of conventional ideas about painting in one’s mind.

in my practice i usually work with ideas as if it is a project: create series of works with a common leitmotif or do an installation proposal.