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Материалы: Холст, масло, аппликация
135 sm x 110 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 001315
1 500 000 / 15 000 €
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About the Artist

Nadia Block - the last representative of the legendary "Paris School" (École de Paris). The artist was born in 1925 in Bulgaria and grew up in the south of France, in Marseille. Then she lived in Paris, Geneva and New York.

For more than a decade, starting in 1970, Nadia Blok participated in the Salon de Mai, Independent, Comparasion, Salon d’Automne exhibitions every year. She considered the Dutch artist Geer van Velde to be her teacher.

Konstantin Korovin gave high appreciation of the Nadia’s early works. Seeing the artist’s work, he predicted a great future for her.

For ten years (since 1983), Block painted the chapel of St. Alexander on the island of Skyros (Greece).

"This name is the last, final page in the great galaxy of artists of the white wave of Russian emigration." And when you look at her paintings and mosaics, you clearly understand what is behind these words: that movement of the school of Russian painting, which, having repeatedly changed over the course of the twentieth century, on the one hand, merged into world tradition, on the other - it absorbed it enriching you in your own deeply individual experience.

In many works of Nadia Block the sun is always present - red, almost the same happens at sunset, but still standing high in the sky. And it is this image (and also the numerous fragments of mirrors in mosaics) that suggest the idea so briefly and precisely formulated by Rene Guerra: the “final page” that casts its reflections in our present and future, because that beautiful and bitter era does not end and never ends ... Died June 21, 2009.