Second order. Diptych

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Materials: acrylic, oil pencil on wood
76 sm x 116 sm
Category: painting mixed media
Item Number: 013449
140 000 / 1 400 €
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About the Work
About the Artist
Серия работ «Метогеометрия» о полярной двойственности и взаимном проникновении, стремлении к гармонии посредством композиции и цвета. Выражение впечатлений, эмоций и воспоминаний.

He graduated fr om the School of Fine Art in 2001. The winner and laureate Russian and international awards. He was studying Japanese and mastering the various techniques of fine arts, however he was gravitating to graphics. In 2002 he moved to Saint-Petersburg, wh ere he was studying Spatial Design at Institute of Design, Applied Art and Humanitarian Education for six years. While he was doing his degree, he was also exploring history and different painting techniques, became interested in ethnography. He researches works of Russian and foreign artists on color and morphogenesis, drawing analogy with his own vision of abstract. Experimenting with materials opens new possibilities for creating forms to the artist. 

My artistic practice can be described as an experiment and a search for expression. I was influenced by the philosophy of the Tao (Path) teaching about eternal movement or the principle of creation. It has both polar duality and mutual penetration. There are diametrical contrasts or color harmonics in the works, which indicate the inevitable integrity and cyclicity of all things. I work with the simplest forms and contrasts, striving to show the true essence of an impression, memory, emotion or moment. I am concerned about the topics: "eternity", "path", "emotions", "cyclicity", "emptiness", "ego". Shapes, dots and lines serve as tools for the transformation of silent symbols and signs.

I am not limited in materials and I am always on the lookout for: canvas, rice paper, wood, handmade paper, organic and synthetic objects, as well as ready made items. Creating your own tools for creativity.