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Материалы: Холст, смешанная техника
Category: painting
Item Number: 003745
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About the Artist

Anatoly Akue came up form Moscow graffiti-scene of the end of 90s, he began to draw in 1997 being a teen. He was a member of graffiti-crews KGM.ШТ, Toys and INFLUX. Anatoly was a co-organizer of the Paint Methods independent festival in Siberia, which gathered together that times the most interesting graffiti-artists for the 7 years.

Today Anatoly Akue continues to evolve his artistic language towards contemporary art. Anatoly has worked out his individual artistic style through many different journeys all over Russia, Europe and Asia, focusing on developing his inner qualities through meditation and art.

Akue has studied a lot of techniques and touches, including painting, and he now combines it well with spray, trying to focus on objectless geometrical abstraction and philosophic themes. He stays in Moscow since 2017, where he started studio work after 5 years of non-stop voyages. Anatoly is in cooperation with “Triumph” gallery and presented there his first personal exhibition “Guest” in 2018. He also took part in the Venetian Biennale of 2018.

Street works of Anatoly can be met in Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Montenegro, Japan and Australia. Exhibition projects were presented in Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Greece and Montenegro.