Clot # 24

Open Stuidos of CCA Winzavod. Photo: Yulia Spiridonova
Materials: wood, aluminum composite, chipboard, paper, fittings
73 sm x 140 sm x 7 sm
Category: installation
Item Number: 002571
297 620 / 2 976 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

‘Clot’ is a series of sculptures and assemblages made from advertising printing and publishing waste, evoking such topics as consumerism, ecology, mass culture ideology and propaganda. I use leftovers from number of publishing production company who specializes on printing advertising paper and outdoor materials: slices of paper, color control strips, defected prints, aluminium and wooden forms, fabric waste. From these found materials I create sculptures that homages human forms. These sculptures are my visualisation of contemporary humans state of living, where we are constantly mean to repeat actions, recycle things and information in order to seemingly customize and reinvent and poses ourselves in drifting reality. My sculptures thus represent footprint of mass culture and creates a collective unconscious trace of modern humanity.

Russian artist specialising in objects, assemblages and installation.

The focus of my art is a problem of overproduction. Through the objects made of husk of the consumer world, I investigate the design of social, political and economical connections in which I exist.

Alexander Burenkov

Curator of the Cosmoscow Foundation, author of texts on art, lecturer of the ‘Sreda Obuchenia’ school and the faculty of Art Management of RMA business school.

Buryj creates compelling commentaries on ecology issues, mass and consumer culture and propaganda through the use of the leftover typography products of marketing agencies and other consumable materials of culture industry through upcycling, recycling and recombination. At the same time his objects do not convey garbageness and randomness. The compositional harmony is born out of the courage and radicalism of combining elements which seem incongruous, colourful trash and heterogeneous junk, reflecting and rethinking the material culture of today. Such approach binds Buryj with Iza Genzken, who has expanded the possibilities of mixed media in sculpture with her radical ingenuity for many decades.