Measurement 64*66 cm (left side), 55*66 cm (right side)
Materials: chamotte clay, copper oxide, white glaze, glaze with "forged bronze" effect
66 sm x 64 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 010680
178 500 / 2 100 €
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About the Artist

Studio of Art Ceramics. It was founded in 2019 by artists and designers Karen Yuzbashyan and Elizabeth Martirosyan.

The philosophy of a young and ambitious brand: bright colors, vivid, voluminous canvases, forms and plots atypical for ceramics.

The hallmark of DirtyHands studio is the creation of ceramic murals. As a result of quite a complicated, time- and work-consuming process unique ceramic paintings appear that do not fit into the definition of a painting or sculpture.

Another direction of the studio is product design: lamps, racks, tables, consoles. Many art works have been marked by participation in international exhibitions and competitions.

DirtyHands – individual handwriting and recognizable style. The brand's works can be seen on the pages of magazines (AD, ElleDecoration, Interior + Design etc.), TV-programs. They decorate new Moscow restaurants, clinics, private interiors, are presented in Moscow galleries. Leading Russian designers collaborate with the DirtyHands studio.

An important performance criterion is only manual work. Each DirtyHands studio’s piece of art also has a practical purpose.