Mobile 6

Materials: wire, brass
17 sm x 19 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 004529
54 000 / 540 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

Today, when photography has become an integral part of our life, we gradually began to forget what it means to actually see things. The camera has replaced our natural ability to remember what we see. Without the ability to capture events, our memories consist of fragmentary scraps of elusive moments that we can hardly reproduce. Our eyes follow the images replacing each other at high speed without resting. Even if sight preceded the word, it takes a conscious effort to start "seeing" again. Memory is one of our most important abilities, but we only remember it when it fails us. Memories, which are the basis of our self-determination and the foundation of our future life, are often not a perfect reflection of reality. Sometimes it does not even belong to us, as if it was placed in our subconscious in advance even before we recognized ourselves as human beings. Like children, we must learn to navigate in the space of shadows and halftones, trust our eyes again, and approach movement within a moment. This series of works focuses on inner and outer vision. It consists of photographs, embossed prints and wire sculptures. The graceful wire sculptures were created from original sketches from life and served as the basis for a series of embossed prints. Images become transformed as lighting changes, revealing or hiding its subject. They refer to natural forms - the lines of the human body. Just as the Zen garden was designed to mimic the essence of nature rather than its appearance, this collection of works becomes a practice for conscious vision. After calming the mind, as you begin to see, everything becomes a space for meditation.

Mariya Kozhanova is a visual artist, working with documentary and art photography, sculpture and installation. Born in Kaliningrad in 1986, currently lives and works in Berlin.

Maria's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including: FotoFest Houston, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Seoul Photo Festival, Paraty em Foco Festival, Festival de la Luz, Singapore International Photography Festival, Kaunas Photo, International Festival of Photography Photovisa, Les Boutographies, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Hellerau Photography Award, Backlight Photo Festival, Art Museum Brandts13, Galerie Alles Mögliche Berlin, Museo Histórico Buenos Aires, Fotomuseum Winterthur, and many others.

In 2016, Mariya Kozhanova was selected as one of the participants in the international Joop Swart workshop organized by World Press Photo. Since 2012, her work has been published in such magazines as Le Monde Magazine, New York Times International, Vision Magazine China, Foto Magazine Czech Republic, Emerge Magazine Germany, fotoMagazin Germany, SHOTS magazines, and others ... Her works are part of private and museum collections in Russia, Germany, Japan and the USA.