Edition of 8 copies in 4 printed layers
Materials: linocut
17 sm x 12 sm
Category: prints
Item Number: 018699
5 000 / 50 €
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About the Artist

Evgenia Voynar was born in 1988 in Moscow.

She graduated from the Surikov Moscow State Art Institute with a degree in Easel Graphics Artist, as well as the Moscow State Academy of Arts with a specialization in Environmental Design. Completed the course “New Artistic Strategies” at the Joseph Backstein Institute of Contemporary Art.

In her works, Evgenia explores the theme of heritage, the search for eternity, escape from reality and return to it, observing the withering of people, animals and objects. The works are closely intertwined with biographical experience and have many symbols from which a personal universe is built.
“These are visual reflections on resistance to disappearing into oblivion and memories of childhood, dreams and fantasies with which I filled the reality around me. With imaginary fairy-tale images, I created a barrier between me, as a child, and not the simplest life in the late 90s. And precisely This distance, an escape into the world of colorful illusions, allowed me to have a happier childhood in the past, and in the present to become the main material for projects. I adhere to classical artistic traditions, adding techniques of collage and layering of various materials to create an illusory effect and increase space."