Vase 2

35 см x 14 см
Category: design
Item Number: 001477
24 500 / 291 €
About the Artist

Ivan Belyaev is the Russian artist and ceramist.

He was born in Vologda. Since 2105 he was engaged in ceramics with the study of traditional pottery of the Russian North. He created the interior and conceptual art objects, also an abstract sculpture of small forms.

The artistic researches the technology and the philosophy of the material through the harmonic freedom of rhythms and shapes and improvisation inspiring by the jazz music, Japanese martial arts and philosophy of Zen Buddhism. Generally, he is working with pottery clay products, engobe (color clay) and glass glaze, because he considers that this combination allows highlighting the nuances of clay.The feature of work with ceramics is the radical visual changes from stage to stage: work with raw material, drying and multiple burning.

The main ideas are the theme of human nature, movement, silence and calmness, and also the theme of transparency: crosscutting objects, ceramic outlines of vessels or vessels having the through holes