Bookcase from Chandigarh Architecture School

Материалы: Массив тика
82 см x 167,5 см x 30 см
Category: interior items
Item Number: 002434
2 697 479 / 33 000 €
About the Work
About the Artist

Книжный стеллаж необычного дизайна был частью обстановки Дворца Ассамблеи и ряда других административных зданий Чандигарха. Простая, экологичная, созданная в небольших ремесленных мастерских из местных материалов — тика, красного дерева, тростника, бамбука — мебель Пьера Жаннере во многом опередила свое время.

Pierre Jeanneret is the French architect, designer and the cousin of Le Corbusier, his business companion and co-author of all projects between 1920-30s. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Geneva. He had an internship in the workshop of Auguste Perret (1920-1921) in Paris. Since 1951 Pierre Jeanneret is one of the main builders of Chandigarh, the new capital of the state of Punjab which became the main symbol of modernized India. Pierre Jeanneret carried out supervision including responsible for the construction of the famous Capitol complex. He had been lived in India until 1965 and worked on the post of Chief Architect of Punjab.

A special contribution of Pierre Jeanneret to the construction of Chandigarh is the creation of furniture for all administrative, residential and educational buildings of the city. The furniture of Pierre Jeanneret got ahead of its time. There are simple, environmentally friendly, created in small craft workshops from local materials like teak, mahogany, reed, bamboo. Nowadays, Chandigarh furniture of Pierre Jeanneret you can see in the interiors of famous decorators, antique dealers, collectors: Joseph Dirand, Axel Vervoordt, Charles Zahn, Vincent van Duysen, Jean-Michel Wilmott.