Handmade vase in the shape of a decanter with a graphic pattern

На дне вазы бронзовая табличка GILLES CAFFIER и авторская подпись, а также номер издания и дата выпуска К вазе прилагается стеклянная колба
Материалы: полированная керамика, резьба
11 см x 11 см x 35,7 см
Category: design
Item Number: 001990
76 260 / 888 €
About the Artist

Gilles Caffier was born in France and studied textile and fashion design. He started his textile career in the Parisian couture, Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne were among his clients. He moved to Tokyo at 22 and became an international fashion school art director and a few years later he opened his design studio. In 1996 his first collection is featured at Joseph in London. He attracted the attention of design and interior visionaries as well as the international press.

Gilles Caffier like showcase local craft techniques in its collections of contemporary objects, which he repeats several times per year, using all kinds of materials such as leather, wood, screen printing and ceramics for which he felt a passion.