#YoungCollectors, A selection by Sasha and Anya Emelyanov

#YoungCollectors, A selection by Sasha and Anya Emelyanov

We would like to present to you a selection of artworks by young collectors Sasha and Anya Emelyanovy

"Your collection is the personification of you, it demonstrates your interests, taste and outlook on the world, and sometimes reflects certain periods of your life. For us, collecting is one of the ways to do what we like and enjoy life."

Artem Filatov "Morning Star"

The artwork "Morning Star" seems to work as a continuation to Artyom's touching project - Garden named after in the Nizhny Novgorod crematorium. In our opinion, the work will perfectly complement both the minimalistic interior of a country house and act as an independent subject of the landscape.

Vladimir Chernyshev "Untitled"

If you are planning to enrich your collection with graphic works, then you should take a closer look at this lot by Vladimir Chernyshev. Works that you want to peer at and discover something new for yourself every time. There are already several works by Vladimir in our collection, but it seems that this is not a reason to stop.

Your mum's knight "Don't think so bad about him"

We are in love with the characters by Maxim and Ksusha, so we cannot help but advise you to pay attention to this work. In our opinion, this sculpture will appeal to art lovers of all ages. By the way, we plan to place the children’s works in the nursery.

Slava Nesterov From the series "We are waiting for the spring in order to put seeds to the land"

Slava Nesterov is one of the artists whose works we plan to acquire in the near future. Stunning graphics that combine ancient Russian motives and modern culture.

Vadim Mikhailov "Peace to the World!"

It is very touching that Vadim Mikhailov works with household items - obsolete or worn out, in order to preserve them in memory and give them a new life. A bright and very textured installation is made on half of an old tabletop and intertwines echoes of the past and contemporary art.

Pasha Paper "Three dogs three balls"

For the first time, we came across the work of Pasha Bumazhny in the FUTURO exhibition space, having seen one of his satirical works in the pantry of the gallery. This is a funny work in the classic Pasha style, which we laughed at for a very long time and would gladly take it for ourselves.

Yura Shust "Drunken Forest"

The sculpture Drunken Forest seems to serve as a portal to something dear, to the origins of the Russian soul, grounding. At the same time, the charred platbands, inside which there are metal plates, resemble something between frosty patterns on windows and open pages of a browser or smartphone screen that surround us every day.