Beer. Ebypt. The sum does not change from rearranging the addends

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Materials: silk, acrylic, embroidery
167 sm x 116 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 003650
300 000 / 3 000 €
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About the Artist

Born in 1988 in Poland, lives and works in Moscow. In her works she creates a new mythology based on popular prints, Soviet book illustrations and ancient Egyptian images. She creates her utopias and dystopias in the technique of engraving and etching, as well as on fabrics. Childhood as a source of fantasy images, perception of the world through a fairy tale is a key theme in her works. The study of abandoned places, the construction of alternative ways and laws for humanity, the theme of "refuge" are reflected in the artist's works. You need to examine carefully her works to see everything that is encrypted in the images that seem familiar at first glance.