Materials: linen, charcoal, transparent paste, mixed media
92 x 92 sm x 92 x 92 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 010987
550 000 / 5 500 €
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About the Artist

Nikolay Morgunov was born in 1992 in Moscow. Nikolay entered an art school at the age of three, he also took private lessons. Nikolay remembers Afanasyeva Natalya Aleksandrovna as the most important teacher in his life, she was a senior professor of the drawing department of The Moscow Architectural Institute and a member of the Union of Artists located on Malaya Gruzinskaya Street. Nikolay planned to become an architect until 17 years old, however, right before applying to study at the faculty of architecture he changed his decision in favour of the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts to study fine art. Two years later, dissatisfied by the teaching methods of the academy, he dropped out and concentrated on the career of an artist.